Emergency Pump winter maintenance method

The use and maintenance of equipment lies in the daily control and management. Good equipment if not timely maintenance, will often break down, shorten its service life. Equipment maintenance is a means to ensure the safe operation of equipment and maximize the effective use of equipment. Therefore, the equipment and facilities should be effectively repaired and maintained, focusing on prevention. Emergency Pump adheres to the combination of daily maintenance and scientific planned maintenance to improve the good working condition of the equipment. However, nowadays, the temperature is generally low in winter, and the maintenance requirements for equipment are also high. Incorrect maintenance methods in winter may cause the equipment to be unable to use normally, so is diesel engine fire Pump. Let’s talk about how to carry out maintenance in winter in detail.


1, want to extend its service life, first of all, it is necessary to check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, Emergency Pump and observe the field according to the need, in addition, observe whether the oil level has reached the oil marker on the line, when insufficient to add to the specified quantity, but can not exceed the line of the line.

2, check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the oil point, to write down the oil nozzle, if the lubrication oil is not enough, need to inject oil gun. Emergency Pump

3. The water in the water tank is very sufficient, which is also the key to maintenance. Emergency Pump The water added is clean and fresh water. Not only that, you can choose the appropriate freezing point antifreeze according to the local temperature.

According to the above methods, the diesel engine fire pump can be well maintained in winter to ensure the normal use of equipment in winter.

Post time: Aug-18-2022