The problem of large operating power of diesel engine fire pump is solved simply from several aspects

The DESIGN of diesel engine fire pump meets all kinds of relevant provisions, mainly used in ship emergency fire fighting, but also applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, ports and wharves, warehouses and freight yards and other places. In the use of diesel engine fire pump, large operating power is a lot of operators will encounter problems, do not know how to solve, but in fact, there are many reasons for the large power of the equipment, various reasons are different solutions, let’s talk about specifically.

(1) Impeller wear ring or impeller and friction. Diesel engine fire pump treatment method is inspection and repair.

(2) The operation flow is too large. The solution is to reduce traffic.

(3) The fluid density increases. The treatment is to check the density of the liquid.

(4) packing gland is too tight or dry friction. The treatment is to relax and pack, check the water pipes.

(5) Bearing damage. The treatment method is to check and repair or replace the bearing.

(6) The speed is too high. The way to handle this is to check the driver and the power supply.

(7) the pump shaft is bent. The treatment method is to correct the pump shaft.

(8) Failure of axial force balancing device. The treatment method is to check the balance hole, the return pipe is blocked.

(9) The axial clearance of the coupler is too small. The treatment is to check the condition and adjust the axial clearance.

The above is a brief introduction from several aspects leading to the diesel engine fire pump running power of the reasons and solutions, as long as the operator understand the equipment of the problem, the problem is not difficult to solve, only in time to use to achieve the desired effect.

Post time: Aug-19-2022